Are you tired of seeing mountains of paper on your desk and having to keep printing and signing invoices? It would seem that modern technologies from all over the world have reached us so long ago that the need to follow this kind of procedures is lightly trumpeted by the mouse. Especially that they take up a lot of time, which can be successfully used for other, more beneficial for the company purposes.
Waste of time!
Almost everyone who has ever had the opportunity to work in the office knows that the need to deal with invoices can be extremely time-consuming. Handling such a document is a whole procedure that takes a lot of time. Let’s think about what we need to do – first we need to print a document, then put our signature on it, then take it to the post office, from where it will be sent to the recipient. What if there is a whole row of people waiting at the post office? And although each of these activities does not take up much time individually, when we add them up in the monthly settlement, multiplying by the number of invoices issued during the month, it turns out that we lose a lot of valuable hours for it. Well, invoicing has never been a creative activity, and it is not an activity that will automatically bring any benefit to our company.
Manage your invoices online
One of the ways to optimize the invoice handling system in a company is to use so-called e-invoices, i.e. electronic invoices. It is worth noting that for some time now, company documents issued online no longer need any signature. This means that we can confidently switch to handling invoices on the Internet.
How does it work? In order to be able to issue electronic invoices, it is enough to purchase a license to use an invoicing platform, such as F4You. This saves time, but also ensures that the contractor actually received the documents.

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