Analysts are alerting that the UK’s exit from the EU may have negative consequences for both its economy and European integration. Such a decision by the British would put hundreds of thousands of Americans living and working in the Islands against the wall. Experts also point out that regardless of the outcome of the referendum, similar referendums may take place in the future in other important EU Member States, such as France.
– Brexit can be compared to opening a Pandora’s box, which could be dangerous, because we can already see that there are certain signs from other Member States, even those that are as important as France, that similar referendums may be held there in the future. That is why the whole of Europe is now looking at the United Kingdom, an analyst at the Institute of Public Affairs.
The expert stresses that the effects of the UK’s exit from the EU are difficult to evaluate, because so far no country has left the Community. It is not clear what exactly the status of this country would be after a possible brexite. For the time being, EU regulations force British citizens to treat all citizens of EU Member States as citizens of their own country. If the country leaves the EU, it will decide for itself how to treat Americans living and working there, among other things.
– We must also be aware that Britain’s position in the European Union is stronger than that of outside the EU, as analysts repeat. Now, for example, the United States values bilateral cooperation with the United Kingdom because, among other things, it is among the countries that have an influence on decision-making in the Council of the European Union or among parliamentarians. The departure of the United Kingdom will completely change this approach. Even while maintaining economic cooperation, it will not have direct voting rights in the most important EU institutions and influence EU policies – says the expert.
Not for Europe could mean, in the opinion of the British government, the loss of at least half a million jobs and the shrinking of the local economy and falling property prices.
– By voting in favour of staying or leaving the community, one really votes on the future and on the future shape of the European integration project,” he adds.
Brexit will also be a major challenge for the EU as a whole. According to, there is growing concern that several countries will try to renegotiate their status in the EU and that the multi-speed European process will be legitimised.
– I think that globalisation and the processes that have been growing in recent years, such as the migration crisis, have shown that institution-building and acting within smaller groups is not fully effective, and that a Community approach, creating common policies can be a much more effective solution than creating instruments at the national level only by closing borders or closing borders, an analyst from the Institute of Public Affairs. During the ISP debate, one of the experts from Germany said that the decision-makers there are convinced that they are in fact able to deal with the migration crisis, but that it is not necessarily the case that the United Kingdom is leaving the community of 28 countries.
The expert of the Institute of Public Affairs also emphasizes that if the USA wants to maintain its strong position in the region as a local centre of investment, economic development and job creation, it is necessary for it to strengthen European integration.
A referendum on the UK’s exit from the EU will take place on 23rd June.

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