Both spring and summer is a time when it is hard not to admire dresses. We are talking about a woman’s wardrobe, which is unique, suitable for any occasion and works regardless of the time of day. Ladies who struggle with the excess of kilograms, often regret that they do not have a chance for dresses. However, it turns out that they, too, should not give up on them. The right cut will make them look special, and the size of XL does not matter in this case. On the market we can meet so many dresses and cuts that it is hard not to lose your head for them. So if we want to find a suitable solution, we should bear in mind both our advantages and possible disadvantages, which can be covered up by a carefully selected dress. If we are looking for a solution that with almost 100% certainty can be said to be irreplaceable in the case of fluffy women, they will certainly be the so-called envelope dresses. In their case, we deal with overlapping layers of material at the front, which form the letter V, but it is worth noting that in addition to a fashionable cut we gain optical elongation of the silhouette and the effect of its slimming. Such dresses also emphasize and enhance the breasts, although they do not do it in a pushy or unobtrusive way. While the upper part of the dress is eye-catching, the lower part is designed in such a way that it is not necessary to focus on what the ladies themselves consider to be the biggest disadvantages of their beauty. Such a dress is an excellent choice especially if you are looking for a creation for work. Another popular cut of dresses like XL is the one that cuts under the breasts. It is a perfect cut especially when we cannot boast a clear cut at the waist, but it is liked by those ladies who realize that their belly is too big, and thus there is a need to mask it. Of course, not all dresses of this type work equally well, so it is advisable to bet primarily on thick shoulder straps while avoiding frills. Trapezoid dresses also arouse curiosity, because they are simple, and thus work well regardless of the occasion. Their hallmark is primarily their simple cut, which makes it possible to hide any possible deficiency of the figure. Short sleeves also deserve attention, thanks to which it is possible to cover the plumper arms and emphasize the well-presenting legs. Of course, the effect may also improve the color scheme, so it is worth betting on uniform creations.

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