A well-functioning drawer is not only the housing, but also the runner. This is what makes it possible for the drawer to function properly and move in both directions inside the furniture. A drawer is a very important place in every room. It can store valuable items in it and protect or hide them from others. It also holds less important items, which you reach for dozens of times a day. To ensure smooth drawer use and functionality, it’s important to choose the right drawer runner that everyone in the home will be happy with.

Bottom-mounted runners – chic and elegant

Bottom mounted slides have been a sales hit in recent years. They are successfully chosen by many interior designers, who pay attention to every detail when finishing certain rooms. In a harmonious composition for perfectionists, there is no room for error or shortcomings. If there were, all the work would be wasted. This is how many people perceive the classic runners that stand out from the drawers when they are pulled out and are so blatant in their appearance. If the person in question is not particularly concerned about the appearance of their surroundings then this certainly won’t bother them. But otherwise it can be problematic. Fortunately Furnica has a range of bottom mounted runners, which as the name suggests are located underneath the drawer casing. Thanks to this solution, when the drawer is moved out of the way, there are no silver parts to be seen on the sides. The entire functional part is invisible to others, so the whole appearance of the environment is not ruined.
However, we should not forget about other functional solutions that can be designed into the slides and make the lives of people using them easier. One of them is the soft-closing mechanism. It is especially important when other people are present in the house and are easily awakened. This system brakes even a very accelerated drawer before the end of its path and quietly pushes it to the end of its frame. Thanks to this, the unpleasant sound of wood hitting wood will not arise and will not irritate other household members.


A good and functional drawer runner that performs 100% of its function without undue attention is worth its weight in gold. Anyone who dreams of a simple and fitted room should consider buying one.

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