The properties of plexiglass, i.e. methyl polymethacrylate, make it a material used in many branches of the economy. Although we meet it largely among advertising gadgets, even the construction industry has found a place for thermoplastic and transparent plexiglass. In which other branches can these properties be used?


Roofs and skylights, production of windows for many types of vehicles, as well as headlights and fairings use the transparent plexiglass material. Durability and high light transmission, as well as the lack of yellowing effect under the influence of UV rays make it difficult to find an equally interesting product in such projects.

Transparent plexa is highly durable, so it can be successfully used to manufacture some small objects, as well as machine elements and devices. In the building industry, plexiglass finds its place in the production of fiber optics and sound-absorbing screens, which are found mainly in the vicinity of expressways, where they are designed to protect residential areas from noise.

In banks, hotels, shops, offices and even police discs, plexiglass enriched with mineral components is used to make it even harder and more impact-resistant. In the marketing industry, Plexiglas is also used to dye, which increases the attractiveness of products and advertising opportunities. Coloured material has the same properties as transparent, so it can be used in outdoor conditions, and exposure to the sun, for example, does not reduce durability.
Such a wide range of applications makes the growing number of customers, not only companies, but also individual customers, decide on products made of Plexiglass. The high quality, cutting plexiglass to size, and the possibility of obtaining a wide range of products, can be counted on by using the offer. Professional advice, affordable prices and a considerable number of realizations on the account, which results in satisfactory workmanship every time.

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