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In the flat of every person in the world, there is certainly a drawer. It is used to keep all sorts of more or less valuable items and to pull them out at the right moment. In order to be able to use a drawer safely and efficiently, it is necessary to install a good type of runner, which, thanks to the fact that it works like rails, ensures smooth and free movement of the drawer on its surface. This makes it possible to open and close any drawer. But there’s more to a runner than meets the eye and it’s best to choose a model that’s tailored to your needs.

Roller runners – light and simple

One type of runner used for drawers is roller runners. These are available from Furnica, who create their slides with attention to every detail during manufacture. This ensures that they are as well made as possible. Roller drawer slides are characterised by the fact that they are mainly made from plastics such as plastic and the addition of other various types of materials. This means that they are not characterised by the highest load capacity of all, but they also have their advantages. Their assembly is literally child’s play, and that is why they are popular with people who want to assemble them themselves. In addition, they come in a variety of colours, which can be useful in matching them to the colour of the room they are in. They are ideal for storing light everyday items. However, care must be taken not to overload the drawer they support as it may collapse.

But roller drawers aren’t everything – there are other different types of slides on the market that are worth looking at. Their biggest competitor is ball-bearing slides – they are much stronger and have a greater load capacity so are worth using when you want to store heavy materials like tons of books or papers in your drawer. Ball slides owe their resistance and strength to the material they are made from. This is due to the strong metal that is resistant even to temperature changes. This makes them suitable for use even in all kinds of manufacturing factories.


To get the right drawer slide for your needs you need to carefully consider what you will be storing in the drawer. If it’s going to be lightweight items then a lightweight roller slide is the way to go, but if you want to store larger items then you might want to consider a ball bearing slide.

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