Dental implants are one of the innovative and perfect ways to really have a beautiful all-new smile. Nowadays, during a visit to the dentist we have to choose one of two types of implants. We have titanium or zirconium offers at our disposal. Titanium implants have been available for many years and zirconia is a novelty, but it quickly gains supporters. So what can you decide on?
Titanium implants appeared on the market in the last century in the 60’s and were introduced by a Swede who started to work on the construction of elements that can make up for missing teeth. Since their appearance on the market, millions of people have used them. Titanium is a material that will be able to provide us with a lifetime that will last a long time. There is only one important problem. Theoretically, implants will not be visible, but in practice they can cause the gum to fall from time to time and still be visible, and titanium is known to be grey silver, so it will not look good when it turns out that it will be visible. Once the implant has been inserted, it is important to remember that the bridge or crown will still be mounted on the implant. In the period after the procedure, the doctor will probably order us a papy diet, under which we will have to avoid eating hard food for even a few months. Such a treatment can be prepared at one visit, the treatment process does not take too long. The prepared titanium surface will be quite rough and is specially etched, because it is supposed to stimulate bone growth and improve the healing process. Due to their durability, such implants are particularly expensive.
What is the difference between zirconium and titanium implants?
In response to the needs of different patients, other solutions than titanium implants have been introduced on the market, namely zirconia. These implants, also referred to as ceramic, are the latest and most aesthetic form of implants that is currently known and used in dental clinics. The substance from which such an implant is prepared reminds us of the natural tooth tissue, but will be more resistant to the process of abrasion. This type of implant has exceptional mechanical properties and is very resistant to corrosion. You can also count on it being a proposal that will be biocompatible. It will not affect our oral cavity, will be well connected with the bone and what is very important will not affect the process of eating, unchanged taste of food. From this point of view it will be the best available proposal. They are completely safe, there are no negative interactions with other materials used in the field of dentistry. They are also electrically neutral. They are prepared on a one-phase basis. Such implants stabilize for 6 months in the jaw and about 3 months in the jaw. This means that this period must elapse between the procedure and the final reconstruction. Then a temporary cover is used. Zirconia implants can be an interesting solution because they are aesthetic, suitable for use by everyone, do not cause allergies and will work well in this respect. Research conducted in the world has shown that we have many people with a reaction to titanium. However, in the case of zirconium implants this problem will not occur, so they are such a good solution. In general, it should be pointed out that the use of implants for many patients will be an ideal solution for supplementing tooth loss.

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