Trade fairs promoting products from a given industry, but also the daily visited by customers shop space are ideal places to reach for the appropriate resources and attract the attention of buyers exactly to the groups of goods that their exhibitors or manufacturers care about. If you haven’t seen the potential of advertising displays so far, it’s time to catch up.
Customer lure, i.e. a few words about advertising displays
Advertising displays serve to attract the customer’s gaze to a specific location in a store or trade fair. The attention of potential interested parties, wandering aimlessly through a larger commercial or exhibition space, can be intercepted and directed to the right track. Advertising displays can quickly arouse interest in a specific manufacturer’s product and encourage a closer look at it. Presentation in isolation from the objects of competition means that the brand does not have to fight only at a low price – unlike those manufacturers whose goods are aligned with other manufacturers. The display allows consumers to focus their attention on values other than the cost of purchase – effective design, unusual shape of the bottle, beautifully finished packaging. The fact that a particular product (e.g. one type of coffee) is exhibited at a separate stand gives customers a feeling that they are dealing with the premium segment. In addition, advertising displays also have the advantage that they allow you to show the selected range of products exactly at the height of the customer’s eyesight – they catch the eye in a flash and redirect it exactly to themselves.
How to arrange the displays in the store space
Knowing the main advantages of advertising displays, it is worthwhile to increase the effectiveness of advertising through their well-thought-out arrangement on the shop floor. In supermarkets, a simple trick is used and usually set up at the end of a shop alley. The customer can then see the shelves as they move from one shelf to another. Smart ways to increase sales don’t stop there. The displays, which are unusual in form and attractive in colour, are also positioned in the middle of the store, from where they are perfectly visible to all customers. In this way, they interact even more strongly and make it difficult to pass by them indifferently – if only because of ordinary human curiosity.
In addition to the choice of location, the attractive appearance of the display is, of course, crucial. More and more companies are opting for original and unconventional solutions that are memorable and evoke positive associations. A good example marketing campaign based on displays with a specific purple shade, clearly associated with this brand, and not another. Marketers know perfectly well how important is the consistency of the sensory message that the recipient receives each time he or she contacts a given product. That is why the displays refer with their pattern, colour and shape to the features that best characterize a given company.

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