Combining previously unrelated areas of knowledge or different departments within one company becomes a necessity. Companies alone are often not able to do it. What is needed is the support of a technology partner who will lead the company through this revolution, providing appropriate solutions and adapting them to market requirements. These services and products will find more customers if they are better tailored to their needs. Cooperation is a prerequisite, vice president of in the EMEIA region responsible for cooperation with partners.
– The digital revolution is changing the way we do business. We need to acquire new skills and new technologies. Sellers must become competent partners, they must be trained and taught how to offer new digital applications and services.
Moving around in an ever-increasing amount of data that grows with the development of the Internet of Things and social media, while leveraging cloud platforms, requires companies to be knowledgeable and to plan accordingly. A major challenge for businesses is document management in the digital age. That is why is developing the Imaging Channel Portal to help partners make better use of the opportunities offered by the document digitisation market.
– Today, companies and organizations process data sometimes stored in the cloud, sometimes on their servers, and sometimes in a hybrid model. Companies need to adapt to a hybrid approach to IT. Some of the data is managed by themselves, while others are managed from outside.
The Imaging Channel program helps you run your business in a time of digital transformation. However, as Hazard emphasizes, close cooperation between the technology partner and the company is crucial.
– In Channel, we try to work as closely as possible with our partners. It is about a closer relationship with the end user. We can’t really do it ourselves, but the Channel program allows us to identify the opportunities the customer has, and we can offer digital transformation expertise,” explains the head of the sales channel.
A changing market makes it necessary to work together to create innovation and be competitive. Not only with a technology partner who will guide you through the new digital market requirements, but also with a collaboration within the same organisation between the different departments.
– The aim is to enable the partners to work more closely together on a joint project. The seller and the partner can also work together on one solution. Co-creation also exists within the same company. With the digital transition, we discover that the marketing department, the IT department and even the management office can be involved together in shaping the digital future.
Combining technological knowledge with knowledge of the organization’s business and market requirements allows us to create new products and deliver innovative services. As the expert argues, only cooperation between seemingly autonomous worlds will enable us to innovate.
– The technologies and services at our disposal are best used when our partner is familiar with the specific needs of the customer and the specific solutions. The prerequisite for this is cooperation, identification of customer objectives and solutions and the selection of the right people to create such a solution.
Co-creation is the motto of this year’s World Tour 2017 roadshow – “Human Centric Innovation: Digital Co-Creation”. During the conferences organized as part of the roadshow on 6 continents, industry experts, representatives of and its technology partners discuss how to succeed in the digital world.

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