Sliding furniture may not always be beneficial. Sometimes we would prefer some to remain in place. This is especially important when we have a floor made of slippery panels or tiles. Furniture feet can damage such a floor very easily, which can cause losses. A good solution is an anti-slip pad for furniture, which makes it not slide so easily.

Why should you invest in anti-slip pads?

First and foremost because it saves time, energy and money. Small furniture that we use quite often, however, such as a small cabinet, table or many others, can move very easily. Sliding furniture is always a problem. It is very easy to draw the floor underneath it. In the case of wooden floors it may be necessary to cycle and varnish after some time, and panel floors may require partial replacement. These are always considerable costs, and repairs may take time. However, there is a much simpler solution, namely anti-slip furniture pads. Such pads are completely effective in protecting furniture against unwanted movement, thanks to which the floor is completely safe and the furniture itself stands much more stable. It is also worth using them because of the comfort of using some lightweight furniture, which is easy to overturn and drop objects on it.

What are anti-slip pads made of and how do they work?

Anti-slip pads for furniture are made of various materials, although rubber, natural rubber or silicone are most commonly used. Sometimes some synthetic materials are also used here. In the simplest version, such a pad can simply be a piece of rubber mat, glued to the underside of furniture legs. You can also find self-adhesive pads of various shapes in the trade. Such pads can also be slightly thicker and fixed with screws, although they are only suitable for furniture with wooden legs.

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