Ventilation for cupboards and other various types of furniture is a very functional element in every home. They are made of aluminium material becoming a very simple solution that practically everyone can install in their home. Thanks to it, ventilation of the desired piece of furniture becomes possible. Their installation should take place in a place where air circulation between the external and internal environment will occur freely. The most common place in a piece of furniture that is fitted with a ventilation grille is at the bottom of the cupboards. Kitchen cabinets are the most common type of furniture where ventilation grilles are installed.

Functions of ventilation grilles

A ventilation grille is a kind of element of every well-functioning ventilation system. Its function is to ensure a free flow of air between the inside of the furniture and the outside space. On the market you can find many different types and models of ventilation grilles, which, due to their construction, allow the air to be directed in a specific direction.
An interesting application of the ventilation grille may even be to hide a defect that may be on the casing of a piece of furniture. A scratched surface, small holes or scrapes can be replaced by a ventilation grille, providing a good airflow but also an interesting solution to the problem. Ventilation grilles come in different colours. The most popular are black, white and silver. These colours were chosen for a reason – they will blend in as best as possible with the surface of the furniture while remaining unnoticed. However, you can also choose opposite colours to the colour of the furniture – then the ventilation grille will be an interesting variety of the boring surface of the furniture.

Air vent grill

The place where ventilation grilles are mounted is also the inner door to rooms where there are not always windows – this is for example the bathroom. Thanks to the ventilation grille, it will be possible to breathe freely in a heated bathroom. Otherwise, this room could be very stuffy and unpleasant.


Ventilation grilles for furniture are an ideal solution when a person wants to protect their furniture and its contents from the accumulation of too much moisture. Additionally, they are also used in fear of unpleasant odours that may seep into clothes. It is worth applying ventilation grilles to your furniture to keep its interior clean and fragrant.

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