Phone controlled car heating – no more frozen windows
Parking heater is a clever invention that works well on cold autumn and cold winter days. Not only does it allow you to warm up the interior of the vehicle without having to start the engine, but it also allows you to program the action. Moreover, the device itself can be controlled while sitting in a warm apartment.
Scraping glass, defrosting locks or trying to heat up the interior of a vehicle parked all night as quickly as possible are not the most pleasant moments in the life of the driver. Especially when the entire body – including the glass – is covered with a thin and hard to remove layer of ice.
The ideal solution for a parking heater is the ability to control the parameters of the device – so that the driver can remotely take care of the appropriate temperature of the cabin interior.
– In case of our offer, the driver can decide on several solutions that will allow you to control the parking heater. The MultiControl controller allows you to program three switching times of the heater during the day, and its operation is done at the touch of a button. The device can be installed in a car without drilling and destroying the upholstery, and the liquid crystal screen displays all parameters of the heating operation
A more advanced and more convenient way to control a parking heater is a remote control system. One of its unquestionable advantages is the ability to operate the device from a distance of up to 1000 meters – this is not the end of the advantages of such a solution. For example, the “remote control”, despite its compact size, is also equipped with a clear LCD display, and the parking heater is operated via four buttons. With the latter, you can not only turn the heater on and off, but also change the comfort level, temperature, operating time and operating mode for heating or ventilation. Moreover, the driver does not have to estimate how long it will take to heat the car. Just enter the departure time and the computer will take care of the rest.
One of the most interesting solutions for controlling the parking heater is the ability to use a mobile phone equipped with Android or IOS. Thanks to Thermo Call you can control the Webasto parking heater from virtually any place and at any time – With the help of the application you can not only turn the whole system on and off, but also choose between heating, ventilation and automatic modes. The software will also allow you to select the working time, check the current status, and even help you to check the weather.
The advantages of controlling a parking heater with a smartphone are much more. The application allows you to set reminders – so that on days defined by the driver, he will receive messages or SMS reminding him to activate the parking heater. In addition, the Heat Time Management function is also available here. With this function, the heating is automatically switched on in relation to the departure time of the car.

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