Small and inexpensive instrument

A budget is often the factor that severely limits our ability to purchase a musical instrument. Also, often the living conditions we have do not allow us to develop our passion for music.
The budget we have is often the factor that strongly limits our ability to buy a musical instrument. Also, often the conditions of our premises do not allow us to develop our musical passion. As a rule, living in a block of flats and a small room are a perfect example of this. These are some of the most common reasons why, unfortunately, a large number of people give up their musical ambitions, or maybe we should not give up and give up so definitively. After all, not everyone has to play the piano, drums or saxophone right away. There are many other instruments that are, above all, affordable for everyone, small in size and not very loud, so there is no fear that we will disturb the peace of our neighbours. It is enough to look around and you can find exceptionally interesting and interesting instruments, on which learning is not too complicated.
Let’s start with the smallest instrument that literally fits in our pocket. Of course, we are talking about the oral harmonica (), which is not only one of the smallest instruments, but also one of the cheapest. Budgetary models can be bought for literally 20-30 USD, and more brand-name models for 200-300 USD. This means that even people with very little financial resources can afford such an instrument. And it was their low price that made this instrument very popular in the United States of America among poor emigrants, who could not afford any other, usually much more expensive instrument. Oral harmonica came to America at the end of the 19th century and over the years it was used in more and more different musical genres. Such was the greatest use in folk, blues and country music, although it also appeared on rock stages. The legendary Jimi Hendrix used oral harmonica, among other things. Learning to play is not too complicated, although it certainly requires a certain patience and regularity, as in the case of every musical instrument. At the beginning it is best to buy a diatonic 10 channel harmonica in C key and start your musical adventure with it.
The ukulelele is the second such an extremely pleasant and cool-sounding instrument, which will literally fit us in a small backpack. It is an instrument whose current form was formed in the Hawaiian Islands and on which you can learn to play very easily and exceptionally quickly. It is an instrument incomparably easier than a guitar, and to some chords it is enough to put just one finger on the threshold and we have a ready grip. The chord beating, on the other hand, is very similar to that used in guitar. The prices of these instruments are obviously different and depend largely on the brand, but the budget model, which is a full-fledged musical instrument, and no longer a toy we can buy for about 200 USD.
These are examples of two very different instruments on which you can learn to play quite quickly. The leading and undisputed advantage is their price. To buy such an instrument you don’t need several thousand USD, as in most musical instruments. In the case of the mouth harmonica it is a symbolic cost of several dozen USD, in the case of the ukulelele it is a bit more expensive, but equally small. We can take both instruments with us anywhere we want. The harmonica can be called a micro instrument that fits into any pocket, but the ukulelele will not take up much space, because a literally small backpack will be enough to go out with it, for example, in the mountains. Which of them is better depends only on the individual preferences of the interested person. Ukulelele has one advantage over the harmonica, you can play it at the same time singing, but unfortunately this art will not succeed.

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