No linden, AMI 2014 in Leipzig
This is not only the most populous city in Saxony, but also the Mecca for trade fairs. Since the end of the 19th century, this German city has been the venue for a large number of crowded exhibition events.
The trade fair prepared by the AMI car showroom, which will start on the last day of May and will last 9 days, is therefore a real treat for automotive fans not only from the Federal Republic, but also from neighbouring countries. As every year, the vast halls of the Leipziger Messe will surely also feature a large representation of our compatriots. The Land of Saxony borders Poland, and thanks to the benefits of the Schengen area and the quality of the German roads, access to Leipzig is not a problem. A one-day ticket, which can be purchased online, is not expensive and costs 45 USD. So we pour more into the tank to get there. The cost of a ticket for the whole fair is 100 USD, and larger groups can count on discounts.
It is not known exactly how many people will visit this year’s leading event of this type in Germany, but two years earlier the number of visitors reached more than 280 thousand. What will you be able to admire, touch, photograph and even test at the fair? First of all, mass-produced cars from most of the major manufacturers. In total, more than 400 exhibitors will try to attract the attention of visitors, including potential customers. 60,000 square meters of automotive excitement means not only watching car novelties, but also test drives for visitors. Experience from the last fair has shown that this idea was a hit, and the number of people willing to drive individual cars amounted to several thousand!
For years, the European Union has been trying to pursue an environmentally friendly policy and diversify its energy sources. The automotive industry is one of the elements of this ecological jigsaw puzzle, which you will be able to see by taking part in the fair. Hybrid cars and cars equipped with electric motors will also be presented there. In addition, symposia will be held, among others, on the subject of alternative drives. The exhibition of twenty sports and luxury Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, Maserati and other cars, which an average earner can only dream of, will certainly be a real attraction. Those who love historic cars will not be disappointed either. Numerous entities and private collectors will present their beloved cars. This part of the exhibition will be called the Oldtimer Arena. As the event will take place in the area which before the fall of the Berlin Wall was on the eastern side of the Iron Curtain, there can be no shortage of the automotive gems of the GDR. The excellently restored Wartburgs and Trabants will make many people remembering the past years spin a tear in their eyes. In addition, it will be difficult to walk past the Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing or the iconic DeLorean DMC-12. The fans of the youthful roles of Michael J. Fox know what’s going on.
At the fair we will see not only complete cars, but also all kinds of car interiors. At special stands the exhibitors will present a wide range of spare parts and accessories for drivers. The presence at the event will also be a great opportunity to learn something about the professional equipment of workshops and diagnostic stations and recommendable preparations for car washing and care. Persons particularly interested in car audio equipment will also have no reason to complain. There will also be shows of decent headphones and speakers for the demanding. Another part of the fair, AMICOM, is an exhibition devoted to modern communication and navigation.
The creators of the event care about the media noise. We can expect a crowd of journalists, not only those working for automotive services and newspapers, and the whole marketing is buttoned up. After all, behind all the shows and offers of exhibitors is not only the love for horsepower, but also concrete money. The organizers made sure that the visitors’ visit was not an opportunity to get away from home from their wives and children. On the contrary – whole families are welcome. Therefore, it is worth checking the detailed schedule of the fair and reserving your free time to take part in this unusual event.

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