Furniture legs are, contrary to appearances, one of their most important elements. Of course, not all types of furniture have legs visible in the same way. In the case of some furniture, the legs will be very short and their appearance will not be of great importance, although, of course, manufacturers of high-end equipment also remember to work out the details that are not visible at first sight. In other furniture, such as tables or chairs, legs have a very important, sometimes decorative role.

Furniture legs – what are they made of?

Various furniture accessories are made of different materials. Sometimes it is advantageous for furniture legs to be made of completely different materials than other parts – after all, they have a completely different function. Furniture legs are primarily used to transfer loads and stabilise furniture, sometimes very heavy, whose weight is further increased by the content. Therefore, legs must always be made of a material which guarantees their durability. Wooden legs are of course the most popular, but metal legs are also very often used. Both of them can be characterized by high quality of workmanship and can be a decoration of a given piece of furniture. In the case of furniture where the legs are completely invisible and at the same time small in size, elements made of plastic are sometimes used. Such a solution is primarily cheap and allows to reduce production costs.

What is worth remembering?

Furniture production is very often the art of compromise between what is aesthetic, what is useful and, finally, what pays off most. This is especially true of furniture legs, which are not elements that are always given special attention. However, they can, of course, combine all of the above mentioned features, but in practice, this is especially the case with slightly higher-end furniture. It is also worth remembering that even the highest quality legs wear out with time. The manufacturer should therefore leave it to the customer to replace them with new ones as easily as possible, thanks to which the furniture’s lifetime may be longer.

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