What is Sweden famous for?
A musical journey through the country
Sweden has given the world some of the most popular bands and singers. Abba, The Cardigans, Roxette, Ace of Base, Robyn, Europe and Alcazar. Is it true that at least you associate everyone at least a little bit?
Healthy eating? No, thank you.
Swedes love fast food! This country has the highest per capita McDonald restaurant in Europe. However, in relation to the United States, it is only half of what it is.
What well-known brands come from this country?
In 1943, Ingvar Kamprad created one of the most famous brands – IKEA. Four years later, another well-known brand – H&M – was founded, operating in the clothing market.
Sweden curiosities – religion for fun
The Missionary Church of Kopimism is a religion registered in Sweden. It was created as a joke. The basis of this religion is the assumption that the most important value is copying.
Interesting stories from Sweden
He escaped from prison to rip out a tooth
In 2013, a 51-year-old Swede in prison escaped from prison one day before the end of his sentence. All because of a sore tooth and a trip to the dentist. After receiving medical attention, he turned himself in again to the police. Because of this prank, his sentence was extended by one day.
“Exclusive” taxi
In 2007, the American actor Bill Murray, who was staying in Stockholm to promote one of his new films, was arrested by police officers. The actor was driving his friends in a golf cart around the capital of Sweden. Murray divorced a total of 6 people. Troubles arose when he drove the last couple away. The policemen stopped him asking “What the hell are you doing in a golf cart in the centre of Stockholm?!”. The meeting ended with a blood alcohol test. To explain, the actor was not drunk.
Noise is bad – interesting facts about Sweden
In 1993, a military fighter flying a short distance from the zoo caused the death of 23 young tigers, foxes and lynxes. The huge noise scared their parents that they bit and devoured their offspring.
Sport means health
The first event of the Olympic Games taking place on two continents took place in 1956. The main part of the Olympics was held in Melbourne. The equestrian discipline could not be carried out due to the quarantine for animals in the country. The competition was held in Stockholm from 11 to 17 June. The official part of the Games began only on 22 November.
Back to the past
Gustav III King in the years 1772-1792, but also… scientific researcher. The king decided to conduct an experiment and make an analysis of how drinking coffee and tea affects humans. The twins who were sentenced to death presented a proposal that could not be rejected. In exchange for a life sentence, they were to agree to this experiment. The first of the brothers had three cups of coffee every day. The second one had three cups of Hrabbit. Unfortunately, the man sitting on the throne of Sweden did not live to see the end of his research. The ruler was murdered. If the test results are to be believed, tea has a negative impact on humans. It was a convict drinking tea who died first.
The king must not be insulted.
The Swedish King will not recall his visit to the small village of Varberg. In 2001 a 16-year-old boy decided to throw a strawberry tart at Karol Gustav. The teenager was accused of treason. He was sentenced to 6 years in prison for this deed.
Such a vacation is not a vacation
If a Swede is on holiday and falls ill, he has the right to take sick leave during his holiday.
Drinking water is everywhere
The water in Swedish lakes is clean enough to drink.
Interesting facts – how much does it cost to rent a flat?
Renting a studio apartment in the city centre costs $919. Outside the city you have to reckon with the amount of $600.
Inventions of Swedish people that you might not have known about:
A zipper developed and improved by Gideon Sundback,
developed and improved by Gideon Sundback, all women and men working in the kitchen should be grateful to Carl Munters and Balthazar von Platen. Men invented the fridge,
and all computer scientists should thank HÃ¥kan Lans. He invented the computer mouse.
Taxes are there to pay them
Taxes amount to 50-70% of total income. Of course, the entire amount is paid by the employer before the employee has time to get anything. High taxes are also associated with benefits such as maternity leave and free health care.
Sweden curiosities – a country accustomed to tourists
Tourists can pitch a tent and stay overnight on any property. Almost every one of them. It cannot belong to the army or be located behind a fence.
And on the Internet…
The official Swedish Twitter account is maintained by citizens. The profile administrator changes every week. There’s everything from advice for tourists to the internal rush.

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