Sri Lanka curiosities – find out what the Tear of India is famous for, when the Sri Lankans celebrate New Year and what heralds the arrival of the warana at home.
Sri Lanka is a small island located in South Asia in the Indian Ocean. As an independent state exists since 4 February 1948. Previously it was dependent on the United Kingdom.
In terms of occupied area Sri Lanka is smaller than the U.S. by 4.8 times.
3rd Pidurutalagala also called Mount Pedro, is the highest peak of the country rising to 2524 meters above sea level. This is currently located in the militarized zone, so it was completely excluded from traffic for tourists and civilians. Most tourists who enjoy climbing choose the Adam’s Peak. It is the fifth highest peak in Sri Lanka (2243 meters above sea level).
The leading religion is Buddhism practiced by about 69% of the population.
Mahaveli 5th is the longest river in the country flowing for 335 kilometers.
There are currently less than 21 million people living on the island. This is 12 million more than in 1955. Statistics predict that by 2050 there will be 20.7 million Sri Lankans.

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