Interesting facts about Russia
1. a statistical adult Russian drinks about 16 litres of pure alcohol every year. That’s three litres more than a statistical Pole. Alcoholism has become one of the most serious problems of this country. It was even decided to introduce a ban on selling alcohol after 10 p.m. and drinking it in public places. This ban was dealt with quite quickly. Shop shelves were filled with beer cans in paper bags.
Moscow boasts one of the best underground city railway systems. Its system consists of 12 metro lines and the total length of the trains is 333 kilometres. According to data from 2016, 7.1 million people use it every day.
The first metro line in the Russian capital was launched in 1935. Many stations are underground museums, which are visited by tourists.
What may seem impossible is that Russia and the United States are only 3.8 kilometres away. It is worth noting that the relations between the two superpowers have always been tense. However, during Kennedy’s presidency, these countries planned to cooperate in a space mission. Initially, this cooperation was broken with the assassination attempt on Kennedy.
Each of us used to play tetris. This game was created in 1985 by three Russians – Alexei Pa┼╝ytnov, Dimitri Pavlovsky and Geriasimov.
According to the military potential ranking carried out in 2017, Russia was ranked second. The Russian army only gives way to the United States. It consists of a total of 3,371,027 people, of which 798,527 are active personnel. The army has 3794 planes, 20216 tanks and 352 ships at its disposal. Every year, more than $44 billion is allocated to the military.

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