In the 1990s, the authorities demanded that all teachers should be able to play the accordion.
Great Chief Kim Ir Sen has the status of an eternal leader in his country.
There are four television channels in the country. They are managed by the state, and what is more, only one of the programmes has access to the Internet and satellite broadcasting. Most of the programming is devoted to the Korean leader, of course.
This information has not been fully confirmed, so it should be treated as a rumour. Already a few years ago, farmers were supposed to run out of real fertilisers, so the citizens were forced to supply their own faeces.
(10) According to the Korean Constitution, everyone in the country is guaranteed freedom of speech, unrestricted electoral rights, religious freedom and the right to a fair trial. In the constitution, i.e. in theory.
11. North Korea is hardly a place to emigrate to. On the contrary, most of its inhabitants would like to escape from it, but few manage to do so. There are, however, people who consciously want to live here. One of them was the American soldier James Joseph Dresnok. The military man settled in Korea shortly after the end of the Korean War. He lived there until his death, i.e. until 2016. James became a teacher and actor in propaganda productions. He was quite popular with Koreans.

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