Interesting facts about the city – find out what it is famous for, where the name of the city comes from, why the towers of St. Mary’s Church have different heights and what magical power the Sigismund Bell hides.
– Where did the name of the city come from?
The first historical references to this town come from the merchant Ibrahim ibn Jakub. It was sent as a message to the German Emperor Otto the Great. During his expedition from 960 to 965 he visited the Slavic lands and in his accounts he mentions the prince and the town.
Unfortunately, it is impossible to clearly define the etymology of the name of the town. However, legends passed down from generation to generation are helpful. They date back to the earliest times. One of the versions assumes that the name of the city refers to the figure – the legendary founder, the conqueror of the dangerous dragon.
The second version refers to the word “crack”. In the past, there were many ravens living in the city. Residents considered them to be one of the wiser birds, hence they brought them gifts, and the road on which the ravens were moving was to determine the future.

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