Interesting arrangements of a living room without the participation of an interior designer are difficult to achieve. However, there are a few simple rules concerning interior design, which will help us to get closer to the style we are interested in. Regardless of the character of the interior, we should focus on three basic parameters: furniture, light and wall and floor finishes.
Furniture is the soul of a room
The furnishing of the room gives great arrangement possibilities. The use of appropriate materials and the overall layout of the equipment in the room allows you to achieve the expected results. The change of location of individual elements allows for some changes in terms of style. In the living room you can distinguish a few focal elements that make up its equipment. They belong to them:
The table,
coffee bench,
furniture for recreation.
When it comes to products made of metal and wood, the undisputed market leader is Art-Loft. Industrial tables included in its offer allow for a very strong emphasis on the character of the arrangement of the room. Just like coffee tables, also made to order. Original designs guarantee the creation of a unique atmosphere during afternoon coffee drinking. Another element that significantly influences the d├ęcor of the living room is the furniture intended for relaxation. Furniture sets with armchairs with a knocker or independent sofas work well with massive industrial furniture.
“More light!
Adaptation of lighting to the industrial type of room is not the easiest. In a lofty style living room there must be interesting, designer lamps. Unfortunately, they are quite expensive. Fortunately, for every DIY enthusiast, the independent manufacture of the lamp should not be a big problem due to the ascetic style of lighting of this type. Just a piece of an old board, a few light bulbs and a thick jute rope to move into the industrial climate.
Obtaining a lofty finish of walls and floors is unfortunately associated with some costs. Quite a cheap procedure can be to glue walls with wallpaper imitating brick wall. Vinyl wallpapers perfectly imitate such a wall, and their price is much lower than the price of brick tiles. As for the types of floors, there is hardly any great choice on the market. However, if there is an old, damaged wooden floor hiding under the carpet – we should unconditionally expose it, clean it and varnish it anew!

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