Varnished wood must first be thoroughly cleaned of grease and dust. Omitting this basic step in furniture care is a mistake. Only then can you start applying the surface treatment product.
Cleaning furniture from varnished wood
For cleaning varnished wood you should choose a product with a special purpose for cleaning, which at the same time cares for the varnished wood (certainly not discolour it), and the kitchen or room will regain its shine. It is not applied directly on the cleaned table top, but on a soft microfibre cloth. It can be used to remove dirt and accumulated deposits.
Varnished wood does not like water – moisture can cause its warping, rotting, loss of color. It is best to avoid wiping the surface with a moistened sponge with dishwashing liquid. Similarly, it is not recommended to use baby oil, which will leave a greasy layer on the furniture instead of cleaning it. Also, omitting to clean lacquered furniture and starting maintenance immediately with a special product is not recommended, because it ends up mixed with grease and dirt, penetrating into cracks in the wood and leaving a sticky layer on the surface.
Preservation of surfaces painted with a special agent
Once the varnished wood is completely clean and dry, you can begin to maintain it. Another clean microfibre cloth is now needed. The agent for lacquered wooden surfaces is gently rubbed in with a cloth. After a few minutes, you can wipe the furniture again with a dry cloth. A good product for its intended use should also effectively mask small scratches. Choose a maintenance product that gives glossy, varnished furniture an even more beautiful shine. Sprays and lotions for matt varnished wood are also available. Universal products, advertised as perfect for any kind of wood, are not able to shine and matt different surfaces at the same time.

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