It is hard to imagine a bathroom without at least one heater. It is in the bathroom that the most moisture accumulates, which promotes the formation of mould and fungus. That is why it is so important to maintain the right temperature in this room. Sometimes, however, radiators fail and do not heat up. Below we suggest how to remedy this.
Aeration of the radiator
One of the most frequent causes of the heater malfunction is airing. In order to understand what this phenomenon is all about, one should be aware that the proper functioning of a heating system depends on whether water can circulate freely in pipes. If the radiators and pipes are completely filled with water, it can be expected that the whole system will work smoothly and without failure. But apart from water, pipes also contain various gases, such as air, hydrogen or hydrogen sulfide. Heating problems can occur with a large number of these gases: the heater is cold, even though everything seems to be working perfectly; disturbing noises can be heard from inside. If this happens, vent it.
How do I vent the radiator in the bathroom?
The most common type of radiators in bathrooms are ladder radiators. They have a special valve for venting. In order to get rid of unnecessary gases from the installation, the valve should be loosened slightly. This is an activity that does not require too much physical effort or any special tools. In some radiators it is enough to turn the appropriate knob manually to get the air out of the pipes; in others it is a bit more difficult, so that you need to use a screwdriver or a knife. Be prepared for water to spurt out of the valve! Make sure you have a small vessel on hand to avoid splashing the walls and floor.
Unscrew the vent valve so that the water flows straight into the prepared vessel. After some time, a characteristic whistle will start to come out of the heater. When the water stops and the water runs out from the inside, the problem should be solved. Then all that remains is to close the valve and pour the water into the sink. From now on, the heater will function perfectly.

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