Although it might seem that having aquarium fish is less of a hassle than having a dog, they also require proper care. Otherwise, they will simply die. So how do I care for my aquarium and fish?
How to care for the aquarium and fish?
If we want our fish to develop properly and be full of vigour, we must take care not only of them, but also of the environment in which they live. Daily aquarium care includes:
Feeding the fish – both insufficient and too much food is not advisable. There is no golden rule that would indicate how much food the fish need to get per day. Everything depends on the number of aquarium inhabitants and their species. Some fish are very greedy, even if their physical size contradicts this.
Therefore, we have to determine for ourselves what amount of food will be appropriate. A shop expert advises to add only a pinch of food at the beginning. If after some time the food still floats on the water surface or settles on the bottom, we reduce the gradual dose, thus assessing the needs of the fish.
It is also important to keep in mind that the feeding frequency of our pets should be maintained. We do this twice a day – in the morning and in the afternoon.
It is also worth making sure that the food for aquarium fish is appropriate. First of all, we pay attention to its purpose. On the market we will find not only universal food dedicated simply to “aquarium fish”, but also food for ornamental, tropical, cichlids, demersal, armoury or crustaceans.
It is also important to pay attention to the form of food for aquarium fish. Usually these are flakes. However, there is also food in the form on the market:
We can also find food in the form of: dry matter,
the cubes,
Frozen food is also available. Which option you choose depends primarily on the preferences of the fish and our individual preferences.
Controlling the filter – it is worth doing this every day, because insufficient oxygen can lead to fish sleeping, and the filter is responsible not only for cleaning the aquarium, but also for optimal aeration of the water. Daily inspection of the element is not only about making sure that the equipment is working properly.
In order to provide the fish with the right conditions for growth, the aquarium filters should be cleaned every two weeks. The best way to use aquarium water for this is to use the filters as they develop a useful bacterial flora, which you will kill if you clean them with standard tap water.
Various aquarium filters are available on the market, including cascade, bucket, internal and external filters. Which model we choose depends primarily on our individual preferences and the size of the aquarium.
Checking the water temperature – we can do this while feeding the fish. It is enough to control the water temperature at a glance. Nothing big, but it can save the lives of our pets. It may happen that the heater is damaged or stops heating, which will lead to the death of the fish.
Aquarium and fish care also includes a number of other activities that need to be done to ensure the proper development of pets. This includes, but is not limited to
changing 10-20% of the water,
Bottom cleaning,
getting rid of algae,
replacement of lighting,
plant care,
the removal of dead plants,
windscreen cleaning,
filling up water shortages.
These activities do not need to be carried out every day, which does not mean that they are less important. Therefore, they must not be forgotten.
To sum up, for our water pets to develop properly, we need to pay a lot of attention to them. First of all, let’s choose the right food for aquarium fish and take care of its proper dosage. We should also make sure that the filters for the aquarium are clean. In this way, we ensure that the fish have a long life.

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