Thick and strong hair is a sign of health and an important attribute of an attractive look. What can I do to enjoy a beautiful hairstyle? Provide your hair with the right amount of vitamins and minerals to strengthen its structure and prevent hair loss!
Hair density and structure is largely the result of the genes that nature gives us. However, there are ways to improve the condition of your hair, stimulate growth or increase its shine and flexibility. This does not require expensive and specialized hairdressing treatments, but only a bit of knowledge about what our body needs.
Zinc and biotin
These two extremely important ingredients in a beautiful hair diet prevent hair loss. Zinc regulates the sebaceous glands of the skin and has a direct effect on hair saturation with keratin, which is the most important part of its stem and is responsible for its smoothness and elasticity. Biotin regulates the metabolism of the scalp, affecting the growth rate of the hair shaft. The combination of these two components improves the structure and strengthens the hair, at the same time ensuring timely replacement of naturally occurring hair with new ones.
Cysteine and methionine
These are substances essential for the proper structure of hair, binding sulfur supplied to the body in food and strengthening the structure of hair. Cysteine, an amino acid naturally occurring in the human body, is a part of the keratin hair building tissue. Its presence provides hydration and protects against damage. Methionine, which affects hair follicles and stimulates hair growth, also inhibits sebum secretion, has a similar effect.
Nourishment for hair
The appearance of hair is an excellent indicator of what is happening in the body. Any deficiency in the nutrients needed is quickly reflected in the appearance of the hair. That’s why problems with dry scalp and brittle, brittle hair are often the result of an unbalanced diet and excessive weight loss. The most important ingredients necessary for the growth of beautiful and strong hair should be sought every day in healthy food. Zinc is present in: calf and pork liver, pumpkin or cocoa. Biotin can also be found in liver, soya and nuts. Meat, fish and eggs are a rich source of cysteine and methionine.
Food supplements
However, not all nutrients are easily assimilable, e.g. with zinc, so a healthy daily diet should be supplemented with an appropriate supplementation, which will guarantee that the body receives what it needs. Supplement specially designed to strengthen hair. Its ingredients provide the body with vitamins and minerals in the right proportions, supporting natural biological processes. This regular treatment will make your hair stronger, thicker and more durable.

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