When the time associated with the sun, vacation time in bulk, high temperatures and vacation time, comes to an end, we are caught up in autumn despondency. How to fight it? And what to do to make the summer good mood last as long as possible?
For most of the year, the weather does not spoil us with either sunshine or pleasant temperatures. No wonder that we would like the summer to last as long as possible. Fortunately, there are ways to extend it. Here are some of them.
Go outside
As long as we are not afraid of cold wind, rainy weather and increased smog in the air in connection with the start of the heating season, it is worth to make the most of the time spent outside. Long walks, hanging out in the restaurant gardens during meetings with friends, running or moving around on a stylish city bike like – the more outdoor activities, the better. The cinema, theatres, shopping malls and quiet restaurant interiors will still be there. And sunshine in some time may be like a cure!
Color therapy
In summer, the streets are dominated by ethereal dresses and creations in vivid colours. In turn, when autumn comes, as with the touch of a magic wand, most people begin to wear clothes in dark and grey colours. Nowhere is it said that we are to experience “mourning after the summer”. On the contrary, when the weather starts to deteriorate and become more and more autumnal, it is good to treat yourself to a kind of color therapy and put on intense colors of clothes, accessories and accessories – even an angry yellow umbrella against the background of the grey sky makes a difference.
Change the interior of your home
The interior of the house may also remind us of the summer weather and holiday trips. Exotic, colorful or interesting souvenirs from places that we visited on vacation should not dust in the closet, but it is worth to find them the right place in the living room. The more unusual or associated with some holiday memory – the better! Accessories and accessories in warm, summer colors, freshly developed and framed holiday photos – it doesn’t really take much to make your home interiors take on a new character. Even if you like the current design, a small change is always welcome, especially when autumn comes.
Diversify your menu
Holidays, further and closer travels are usually associated with the cost of more or less exotic dishes. For those that we particularly like, we do not have to wait until the next vacation. You can either try to prepare them yourself in the privacy of your own home (by the way, also trying other delicacies of the kitchen, whose recipes can be found in cookbooks and in the chain), or visit the newly opened restaurant with exotic cuisine for us. Who said that only on vacation you can taste new dishes?
A quick trip to the sun
A longer vacation until the next vacation? This does not mean that you can’t stick your nose out of your place of residence during this time. The argument of lack of funds is a simple excuse, because not every short trip has to be expensive. Cycling trip to an interesting village distant by a dozen or so kilometers costs mainly our time. Weekend in the mountains with accommodation in a hostel also does not burden the household budget too much. And if we persistently hunt for cheap air tickets, we can hit the really great opportunities and once every few months buy ourselves a three-day city break in Rome, Barcelona or another corner, where it will still be warm and sunny. Autumn doesn’t have to be grey, rainy and boring.

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