Spring is the time for renovation. When refreshing your apartment or subjecting it to more thorough modernization procedures, it is worth remembering a few things.
There is a lot of truth in the saying “sneaky twice loses”. Cheaper often means worse quality, less durable, worse made. When planning a renovation, we assume that its effects will accompany us for a few or more years, so we should make every effort to make them as satisfactory as possible. But it does not mean that savings cannot be found wherever possible, without compromising the standard of workmanship.
1. do it yourself
Of course, not everyone has a flair for renovation and interior decoration. However, some work can be done on your own, even if you are not a professional. You can browse through brochures or websites about interior design in advance, develop your own concept and thus resign from the services of a designer. Also, preparatory works – although undoubtedly tedious – can be done by yourself. Moving furniture away, protecting it against dirt, cleaning walls, ceilings and floors of old layers – renovation companies include all this in their cost estimate, so making these preparations at your own expense can be considered a profit in the budget.
2. renovation company
If you have already decided to choose a repair company, it is worthwhile to consult your family and friends. They will be able to recommend reliable and trusted professionals. In addition to the possible discount for connections we will gain confidence that the work will be done solidly, on time and that there will be no unforeseen expenses or glaring changes in the original estimate.
Purchase of materials
Let’s check the offers of several or more sellers. From local shops, through specialized DIY stores, to online prices. It is very easy to save even several hundred USD using price comparison engines. If you use a repair company, it is worth asking if it has discounts from its regular suppliers, which can also result in additional savings. And it is not about the quality of materials, but about the margins, in which the differences reach a dozen or so and more percent. It is worth checking out the attractive prices of the ends of the series, such as glaze and small advertisements, with the help of which individuals can get rid of the remains of the renovation (plaster, wallpaper, paint, etc.).
4. renovation
Not all things have to be new. Instead of completely replacing furniture and equipment, let’s think – maybe by painting them properly or decorating them with decoupage you can give them a new glow? Cleaned and repainted shelves, furniture or chandeliers can gain a second life. Furniture commissions also often have interesting and original articles, which you wouldn’t find in a chain store in vain, and which, if they were in line with our concept, would fit perfectly into the planned space.
Saving – also when renovating – means comparing prices and offers as well as own contribution, which, apart from lower financial outlays, will give us a unique satisfaction with the work done and a sense of satisfaction with its results.

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