Unfortunately, paints and varnishes have specific odours that tend to persist indoors for a long time. In addition to the unpleasant sensations on our smell side, ailments such as headaches, nausea or irritability are more serious problems. Wondering if the only thing left to do is wait? Fortunately, there are other ways to remove the smell of paint after painting.
Scent neutralizer
There is no denying that the basic way to remove unpleasant smells from paints, varnishes or solvents is to ensure good air circulation, i.e. so-called ventilation. However, opening windows, doors and even creating draughts may not be enough. Instead of saving yourself with air fresheners, which only mask the unpleasant smell, and finally introduce even more fragrances into the air, it is better to equip yourself with a smell neutraliser.
How to remove the smell of paint after painting?
If you get lost in the sea of product offers and are afraid of an expense that will not bring a satisfactory result, it is best to reach for a odour neutraliser that has already been tested by others and received positive feedback, such as She Gels. Its advantage is that it is suitable for removing irritating chemical odours from both large rooms and small spaces. It is also very easy to use, because all you have to do is unscrew the container and leave it in the room already painted. A clever way to speed up the neutralization process is to place her Gel near the fan, which will distribute the already saturated air throughout the space and increase the operating range. Wondering how long the neutralizer will last? Here’s a nice surprise: She shows her effectiveness after four weeks of use.
If you think that the smell of paint airs out faster than the neutralizer can work, so in principle it is not worth buying it – nothing more wrong. Admit how many times have you burnt something while cooking or frying? Do you know the unpleasant smell left over from charred food? It is also a situation in which you can use a neutralizer.

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