Up to now, mineral wool has usually been used for thermal insulation of roofs in buildings. But the popularity of sprayed foam has been growing in recent years, which, as it turns out, has many more advantages.
Attic dwellings
The rooms located in the attic have a specific, unique atmosphere and provide a wide range of possibilities for interior design. However, in order to prevent them from becoming the mercy of the incoming cold coming from the outside, which, moreover, if it penetrates through the slits in the roof, will also penetrate the rooms located below – they require some special care. One of the basic steps necessary for furnishing an attic is proper insulation of the attic.
Insulation of the attic with foam
A roof that is steeper than a flat roof is exposed to heat loss and must be insulated with a suitable material. Suitable, i.e. one that not only proves to be impervious to the heat stored in the room, but also isolates it acoustically from the external environment of the building and will not be flammable.
Such a material is foam (you can read more about its properties and applications here: ), which occurs in two forms: either as hard panels intended for insulating the roof from the outside, or as foam applied by spraying. The latter is particularly popular. Although foam is more expensive than mineral wool, it is of a much higher quality; it saves 30 to even 50% of heating costs! Besides, it is much lighter and does not burden the building as much as competitive mineral wool. It adheres precisely to the surface and fills any gap, even the narrowest one, through which heat could escape. In contrast to mineral wool, it does not require reassembly after a few or even several years, because it does not hang or slide out of holes and slots. It is also worth noting that foam is resistant to water, does not soak up moisture, and thus – does not deform. More than any other material, it resists possible deformations caused by rodents or insects. foam > mineral wool
As we can see, foam, which is conquering the American market, outperforms mineral wool in many ways. If you care about proper thermal insulation and would like to save on heating costs, foam will be the right choice.
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