Grey soap and water – the easiest way to do it
Grey soap and hand washing is definitely more friendly for shoes than a washing machine. It will surely refresh your shoes and help to remove small dirt and “dust”, but it won’t necessarily work with stains that are difficult to remove. How to use gray soap? For this we will need a bowl with warm but not hot water, not too hard brush and, of course, soap.
It is worth remembering that when scrubbing your shoes it is better not to immerse them entirely in water – it is enough for them to be damp so that the dirt can be washed away. Sometimes you also need to be patient, as hand washing can take some time. Before you start cleaning, remove your shoe shoelaces and wash them separately.
Baking soda – for larger contaminants
Wherever soap can no longer be used, it is worth reaching for baking soda! The method of its application is banal – in a small dish you should make a baking soda slurry with the addition of a small amount of water – so as to create a slurry with a fairly thick consistency. Apply it to the toothbrush – an old, unused toothbrush will work perfectly in this role) and scrub until the effect! Baking soda has long been known for its whitening properties, so it is ideal for cleaning white sneakers. After scrubbing, rinse shoes gently with water and leave to dry. If the effect is not satisfactory – the cleaning process can be repeated. The process of cleaning white shoes with soda can be seen here.
The baking soda can also be mixed with vinegar at a ratio of 1:1. This mixture is even more effective at removing stains, although some may be bothered by the remaining vinegar smell. In such a situation, a good solution may be to use grey soap for washing – after the cleaning is finished, soda mixed with vinegar.
Bleach, dishwasher and toothpaste – the way to get dirty rubber
Dirty rubber in sneakers is a nightmare for white shoe owners. Often, more gentle cleaning methods don’t help – you need to reach for stronger detergents, such as bleach. To restore the sneaker’s rubber to its original state, spread the bleach on dirty surfaces, wait a few minutes, and then carefully wipe the rubber with a cotton swab. The snow-white colour should return immediately!
Another way to get a dirty sole is to use toothpaste. The best thing to do is to use a traditional, white sole. It is applied to an old toothbrush and scrubbed – it does not work as intensively as the aforementioned bleach, but it will certainly help to get rid of less dirt or refresh shoes.
Stubborn, non-removable stains on the sole – the most ordinary nail polish remover can deal with them! Do not soak whole pieces of footwear in it, but take the appropriate amount on a swab and wipe the dirty place.

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