The most difficult thing to find is bedding for a newborn baby. The size will be the obvious criterion – it should be able to cover the entire body, but it should also not be too big to provide comfort for the baby. Very important is the material of which the bedding is made – it must be 100% hypoallergenic in order not to pose a threat to the child. The type of fastener is also important – pay attention to bed linen containing hard items that your child could injure himself or bite off and swallow.
Bedding for children of all ages should be nice to the touch and warm. The younger the child is, the more attention should be paid to these qualities. The comfort of a newborn baby also depends on the permeability of the fabric – it must breathe so that the baby does not overheat or sweat too much during sleep. Experts as the best material from which bedding for newborns is made, indicate cotton free of admixtures and special bedding fabrics patented by individual manufacturers – the latter may differ in composition, but all of them should be hypoallergenic.
The lack of factors causing allergic reactions is also important for older children. However, what should change with a child is the size of bed linen – for children under 5 years of age the most suitable will be a duvet of about 100×135 cm, for children from 5 to 10 years of age – already 140×200 cm. The exact size will of course depend on the height of our child, but the above parameters will work in most cases.
The pattern should also change. The child’s taste develops with age no less than its physical and intellectual abilities. When he grows up around objects he likes, he feels better and develops more harmoniously. Let’s not forget that the bedding should be adjusted to the child’s age, and if we are dealing with an older child – just ask him or her what pattern he or she likes.

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