Nowadays, many people decide to lead an active lifestyle. Going to the gym, running or cycling has become fashionable, but not everyone can enjoy this kind of training. An excellent alternative is skating, in which you can move around the city or on specially prepared tracks in sports centers. More and more cities are also building special alleys for skaters, e.g. in parks or cycle paths. What should you know about inline skates to buy a comfortable and durable product?
Roller skating is an extremely versatile sport. Although it is primarily associated with children, today nothing stands in the way of adults practicing it. Skates can significantly help people who want to lose weight. Moreover, the use of such equipment improves condition, is safe for joints, strengthens muscles of legs and buttocks, as well as relaxes and allows you to break away from everyday life. What are the most important things to remember when buying skates?
The most important elements of inline skates
Roller skating can be a real pleasure if you have good equipment. Poor inline skates can only discourage you from further training. It is also important to always remember about the appropriate security measures – those who begin their adventure with roller skates should undoubtedly be equipped with a helmet or knee pads and addictions. On roller skates it is not difficult to get a tipper, especially in the initial stages of training, so it is better to adequately protect the most vulnerable parts of the body. And what does it look like with the rollers themselves? Which elements need special attention?
a)Wheels – should be made of polyurethane. Plastic wheels will not work well in regular riding, because they are quickly destroyed. Manufacturers offer wheels of different sizes and hardness. Beginners should bet on medium wheels (70 or 80 cm in diameter) and softer than harder ones.
b)Shoe – it must be comfortable and not press the ankles, fingers or other parts of the leg, so before buying, always try the rollers on.
c)Bearing – is a very important part of the rollers, which affects their speed and smoothness of ride. ABEC bearings are mounted in standard rollers. They are distinguished by a number which is added to the name. For beginner skaters we recommend ABEC5 bearing rollers or slightly faster ABEC7.
Types of inline skates
Many people don’t really know which inline skates are the best for their job. To make it easier for customers to choose, many manufacturers decide to group their products. Thanks to such divisions, users do not have to read about the size or hardness of the castors or familiarize themselves with the types of bearings. It is enough that they reach for a product from the appropriate group. Which rollers can be found in the shops?
a) Recreational roller skates – the best for a quiet ride on flat terrain. The perfect choice for beginners.
b) Speed skates – good for fast riding, equipped with larger wheels.
c) Aggressive skates – ideal for playing in skateparks.
d) Freestyle skates – a combination of recreational and hockey skates, good for slalom riding.

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