The skin around the eyes is extremely delicate and sensitive to the passing time and improper care. Wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness are problems faced by many women – not only older but also younger. from the explains how to ensure a young and radiant look, regardless of age.
The eye area is a zone that requires special care, as early as the age of 25, when the skin begins to age visibly. However, wrinkles are not the only problem women face in this area. Shadows, swellings and bags under the eyes may appear regardless of age – also in teenagers.
Where do the problems around the eyes come from?
– The skin around the eyes is very thin, contains a small amount of sebaceous glands, so it is very easy to irritate and dry. It is in this area that the first signs of wrinkles or wrinkles appear,” says from the. In addition, genetic factors are of great importance here, on which depends not only the age at which the skin will begin to age, but also the tendency to swelling or shallow vascularization, responsible for the appearance of shadows under the eyes. The appearance of these delicate areas of the skin is also largely influenced by our daily habits, which can help or harm.
– Incorrect diet, frequent exposure to the sun and care errors consisting mainly in the wrong choice of cosmetics, or lack of it, and too much rubbing the skin when removing makeup – these are the main sins we commit against the skin around the eyes – emphasizes the expert from.
Home care essential
The skin is exposed to harmful external factors every day, therefore it is necessary to remember about regular home care based on cleansing and moisturizing.
– Many women find it very difficult to choose eye cream. At first, a lightweight moisturiser will do, but as you get older, the eye area becomes more sensitive, especially when there are a few problems. In such situations I recommend comprehensive cosmetics, such as Aqua eye cream by Beauty Box by, which soothes the effects of skin aging, eliminates puffiness and shadows around the eyes, while improving microcirculation and blood chemistry in blood vessels. The result of its regular use is a brighter, firmer and smoother skin around the eyes.
Treatments for bigger problems
Unfortunately, even the best cosmetics will not stop the passing time, which sooner or later will leave its mark on the skin. If the problems with the skin around the eyes begin to significantly affect the appearance and well-being, it is worth deciding on the assistance offered by specialists.
– The most popular treatment revitalizing the eye area is mesotherapy, which provides directly to the dermis therapeutic, nourishing and regenerating substances selected by the doctor. They intensify microcirculation in blood vessels, brighten the skin around the eyes, restore its radiance and reduce swelling – says La Perla expert. – Another method to rejuvenate delicate skin around the eyes can be used in our Clinic SonoQueen lifting device, using HIFU technology, a concentrated beam of high intensity ultrasound waves reaching three layers – dermis, adipose tissue and muscle fascia, which starts the process of regeneration of flaccid collagen fibers and tissue shrinkage. Thanks to a special head for the eye area, we can reduce crow’s feet and the problem of falling eyelids.
Appropriate daily care, supported by treatments offered by aesthetic medicine surgeries, will help to maintain young and healthy looking skin for longer, also in such delicate areas as the eye area. However, it is not worth trying to keep the skin smooth at all costs – nothing gives our eyes such radiance and freshness as a sincere smile, even if it reveals a few tiny wrinkles.

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