Furniture with glass inserts looks impressive and is liked by customers. However, it is important to match the elements of the furniture technology in such a way that they harmonize with the design of the whole.

Glass is probably the most often used in kitchen furniture, where glass shop windows have replaced the simple surfaces of the top cabinet fronts or doors of standing cabinets, even the tall ones. However, it is also present in the dining room, living room, bathroom and even bedroom. Glass owes its renaissance to visual aspects, but also to modern furniture technology, which allows to use glass in more and more interesting styles, aesthetically combining it with the body of furniture and use it in the same comfortable way as other furniture materials.

In the latest furniture collections, glass is no longer just a decorative addition, but fills the entire surface of fronts. This is a big challenge for furniture technology, which cannot be hidden behind the glass surface.

In the case of fronts made entirely of glass, the hinge will be visible not only when opened, but also from the outside, so it must stand out in terms of its attractive design and be perfectly mounted to fulfill its role.

In the case of glass fronts, even small details are extremely important, which can affect the aesthetics of the entire furniture. Not every hinge can cope with the weight of a large glass surface and will require an additional hardware, which means that an additional element will be added to the perfectly matched design of the furniture.

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