Glasses as a styling element
It is not known when and where the glasses were made, but it is known that since ancient times it has been known that one can see better through special glasses. In ancient times, for example, emperors watched gladiatorial fights through polished emerald. However, glasses made their debut only in modern times, or more precisely in the fifteenth century. However, it was in the sixteenth century that they returned with better accuracy, which resulted from the breakthrough discoveries in the field of optics, made by Kepler’s company. Initially, expensive glasses became a symbol of avant-garde and wealth, but over time they became widespread. In the twentieth century, they were replaced by contact lenses, but are now experiencing a renaissance. Well, thanks to the stylish frames glasses became a peculiar element of styling. The biggest fashion houses started designing glasses and the biggest advertising agencies started promoting them. They are worn by the greatest stars – actors, singers, celebrities. No wonder that glasses want to be worn by those who have to and those who can.
The R-Evolution of Glasses
The evolution of eyeglasses concerns both glasses and frames. Glasses are made not only of glass, but also of plastic, with special protective coatings. Spectacle frames for corrective glasses are also made of better and better materials, including high-class plastics. This makes glasses play their role longer, and at the same time they look like the proverbial sky better. As a result, you want to wear them.
Frames and spectacles
Just as you choose your hairstyle to match your head shape and skin colour, so do your glasses according to your individual appearance. While glasses are chosen for their visual impairment, frames are chosen for their styling function because they are chosen to match the shape and colour of the face and hair. and red frames are suitable for all hair types, i.e. dark, red, blonde and grey. Silver frames fit black and grey hair best, not blonde hair. Gold frames are best suited for red and blonde hair, not for gray hair. A distinction is made between round, oval, geometric and rectangular frames. Round faces are best suited to geometric and rectangular, and the least to round faces. Oval face is suitable for all shapes of glasses. Square faces are best suited to round and oval, and the least geometric. Oval and rectangular faces are best suited for rectangular faces, while the least round and square are best suited for oval and rectangular faces. Round frames or glasses without frames, and the least square and rectangular ones, are best suited for a cardio face.

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