Smart technology – design your success
Already 2/3 of flat buyers aware of smart home technology would like to have it in their flats. This clearly shows that the knowledge of current trends in the category of technical innovations becomes an obligation for the architect. It is therefore worth knowing the most interesting proposals and knowing what benefits (for the architect and the contracting authority) it brings to include them in the project.
Get to know the expectations of the contracting authority
Today’s customer is well aware that technology has moved forward – “armed” only with a smartphone can manage the entire apartment with home automation systems. – The Americans’ awareness of technological innovations is still growing, and so is their conviction of the proposed solutions. Their presence in new investments is now even a duty – says Mikołaj Pertek, an expert on the development market in Fibaro. Therefore, the market expects a modern offer, including the most interesting solutions from the category of automation for houses and flats. Why is it worth keeping your finger on the pulse?
Make your offer attractive
The use of home automation solutions in projects allows to diversify the offer. It is also possible to offer the customer solutions such as automatically raised and lowered roller blinds, control of heating and electricity from anywhere in the world, or equipping the house with motion detectors, automatically turning on the light on on the way to the bathroom, or increasing the safety of smoke and flood detectors. It’s an opportunity to give your customers the feeling that they’re getting the best on the market today.
Discover the benefits for both sides
As the statistics show, intelligent living allows, for example, to reduce the consumption of electricity by 30% and heat by 20%. – A decrease in the operating cost and a noticeable increase in comfort resulting from the use of home automation attract attention. It is not surprising, therefore, that successive developers offer their customers premises equipped with this technology – adds Mikołaj Pertek. Applying similar solutions may also mean a long-term profit – as shown by the much more mature American market, over 80% of respondents would be more willing to buy a property with a smart home system. This trend will certainly be more and more noticeable in the USA – which may be important when selling a house or apartment in the future.
Show available options
It is worth noting the noticeable development of house and apartment control technology in recent years. The automation of real estate no longer requires interference in the structure of the building and electrical installation – all thanks to wireless connectivity. At the same time, the customer does not have to decide to install all the facilities offered by a single system at once – the system can be expanded at the most convenient time for itself. This opens another door for the architect – the possibility to offer the client different variants, taking into account the needs and capabilities of the client, who receives a complete package of solutions, a comprehensive service and the feeling that the author of the project provided him with a wide choice.

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