Throwing away cigarettes is a real treat. This goal requires a lot of inner strength and motivation. It’s not easy when all your friends around you, and sometimes your family, still smoke and have no intention of quitting. In such moments, we need the support of an outsider who can talk about his or her progress, problems, and weakness, who will listen to us whining about the difficulty of quitting. For a smoker, cigarettes will be tempting forever, even when, after days or years, they start to smell badly, even smell badly and notice how much damage they have caused to health.
Currently, quitting smoking is my goal and it is not my first time. But there has always been a time of crisis, stressful or very good party, when I just wanted to smoke, I thought that this one wouldn’t hurt me. Unfortunately, nicotine was harmful, all the fun of quitting smoking was forgotten and the next pack of cigarettes landed in front of a clerk in the box office of a housing estate shop. The pack of cigarettes disappeared after two days.
Throwing away cigarettes became a challenge for me, I would like to finally be able to do it permanently. Using smoking cessation aids is also a very good idea. Such aids give us the impression that there is enough nicotine in our blood, and they also make cigarette smoke simply reject us, with twice the power we have had up to now.
I appreciate the companies that produce cigarette dispensers. I believe that this is an important step for the health of society. Sometimes it is also enough simply to replace cigarettes with carrots or lollipops, for example (which is a little more risky because of the calories it contains).
If there’s actually quite a strong fear of getting fat after you’ve started quitting, I recommend using raw vegetables or low-calorie fruits in pieces, such as half an apple in the morning instead of a cigarette. This little replacement can make a complete difference to our lives. In addition to getting rid of the addiction, we will develop a healthy habit of eating vegetables and fruits several times a day, which contain a lot of fibre and support the peristalsis of our intestines and metabolism. Isn’t it much better and healthier than nicotine? Besides, it is also much cheaper than a pack of cigarettes!
Quitting cigarettes doesn’t have to be terrible. It is enough to gather enough strong will in yourself. Motivation can be found at every step, especially since cigarettes consume a large part of the household budget and damage our health and beauty. If you feel like it, you can try the specifics from advertising – patches, tablets, rubber. However, let’s try to approach the help and substitutes offered in this matter with common sense. I wish good luck to every person who has set themselves the goal of ending this cruel addiction.

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