Many people have complexes because of the shape of their noses. If the nose is too big, torn, distorted or broken, then it can be a cause of mental discomfort. However, plastic surgery can help.
Nose correction
Nose correction is one of the treatments that are often performed. Thanks to this treatment you can improve the appearance and match the appearance of the nose to the appearance of the whole face, so that it will become more harmonious. Nose correction treatment is not associated with the need to stay in a hospital or clinic for longer. Most often, the stay is one day, and the procedure is performed under general anesthesia, with additional administration of local anesthesia in the nose.
Why is nasal correction a frequent procedure?
The nose is the central point of the face, which is immediately noticeable. Its shape is often evaluated by third parties. The incorrect shape of the nose may be the cause of many complexes. It also happens that a plastic surgery of the nose is performed because the abnormal shape of the nose hinders the normal functioning of the respiratory system. Nose correction procedures are also performed as reconstructions after injuries or accidents.
What is worth knowing about nose plastic surgery?
If you are considering a nose plastic surgery, then it is wise to choose a clinic where the surgery will be performed. Look for experienced surgeons-plastic surgeons who have experience in performing this type of surgery. Before each procedure, it is required to consult with the doctor who will carry out the procedure, to accurately determine the patient’s expectations and the course of surgery.
Nose plastic surgery is also performed if the patient has a nasal septum curve, which requires correction. This defect makes it difficult to breathe properly, so it should be corrected by a nasal septum plastic surgery. Thanks to this procedure, the normal functioning of the respiratory system is restored.

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