Fat burning after just a few hours of treatment? Now it is possible! The treatment developed by Professor Daniel Costa is the most effective and fastest way to lose weight and reduce cholesterol – express and natural!
How does Professor Costa’s method work?
This innovative slimming treatment is based on a transdermal system, which allows the penetration of components directly into the tissues. Catch Me Patch Me patches contain only natural active substances, supporting all the processes associated with the loss of excess weight. Individual ingredients slow down the absorption of sugar in the blood, remove cholesterol deposits from blood vessels, cleanse the body of toxins, improve metabolism and support proper digestion.
The most important task belongs – the main component of the method developed by Prof. Costa. It accelerates the reduction of fat tissue and lowers the cholesterol level. Concentrated extract of this plant is easily assimilated by the body, thanks to which it quickly reaches the cells responsible for fat burning, where it immediately begins breaking down fat tissue and removing cholesterol deposits from the bloodstream. Its action complements guarana (accelerates the breakdown of fats, adds energy, affects the circulation) and marine algae Fucus Vesiculosus (cleanses the body of toxins, prevents water retention in the body, inhibits fat accumulation).
Thanks to the modern formula of patches, the first processes affecting weight loss start to take place in just two hours! The 24-hour formula of the product’s action further strengthens its action and affects exceptionally fast effects. And all this in a completely natural, non-invasive way for the body!
Confirmed results
Professor Costa’s slimming method effectively eliminates all the problems associated with weight loss. It contributes to faster and more effective weight loss, lowers the level of bad cholesterol, regulates metabolism, eliminates circulation problems, prevents diabetes and atherosclerosis and regenerates the body, restoring its efficiency. Combined with an appropriate lifestyle (diet + physical activity) allows you to lose 10 kg in just 4 weeks! This is proven by the opinions of satisfied customers from all over the world, as well as medical tests conducted on a group of 120 people aged 25-63. Their results are surprising: an average weight loss of 10-14 kg and a drop in cholesterol levels by up to 60 units! The research also confirmed that Catch Me Patch Me has a beneficial effect on the circulation and proper functioning of blood vessels. The results obtained during the tests confirm the quality certificate granted to the product, which guarantees the safety of the treatment.
Professor Costa’s method – why is it worth it?
1. safety
Professor Daniel Costa based his treatment exclusively on natural plant extracts, which are easily absorbed by the body and do not cause any side effects. The formula of the preparation was registered at the patent institute and passed all safety tests. It is suitable for people of all ages and can be used with other medicines.
2. universality
Professor Costa’s method is one of the few treatments with such a wide range of effects. Plasters not only allow you to lose weight quickly, but also affect the proper functioning of the body, cleanse it of toxins and any substances that hinder the proper functioning of internal organs. What’s more, this is the first method that has such a big influence on lowering the cholesterol level!
3. immediate effects
Thanks to its natural formula and easy assimilation of ingredients, Prof. Costa’s method provides unprecedented results: the active substances contained in the patches start to work immediately! This unique, express formula enables exceptionally fast fat burning and gradual weight loss from the very first day of treatment.

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