Obtaining the relevant health certificates is obligatory for all persons applying for the course and obtaining a driving licence. These provisions have been further tightened up in recent years and the issue of medical examination has been taken even more seriously. At present, driving licences of unlimited duration are no longer issued and it is necessary to renew them from time to time, including by means of additional examinations. Detailed information on the procedures can be found at: .
How to pass the driver test?
Start by signing up for a visit. This can be done online and registration takes only a few minutes. Once you have made an appointment and registered, you should go for an appointment. Research takes place in specialist centres or at a specific auto-school.
Driver tests are usually simple and take up to 20 minutes. The basis for this is an interview on chronic diseases, visual disturbances and balance problems. After this time, a simple ophthalmic examination is carried out using a Snellen tablet and appropriate colour vision evaluation boards. In the case of chronic diseases, it is also necessary to present treatment records and current test results. Persons with diabetes and epilepsy must be certified by a diabetologist and a neurologist respectively.
Is that all?

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