In the cosmopolitan world, long-distance love can happen to anyone. People move more often than ever, change jobs, study abroad. They leave and return. In the meantime, they fall in love. Often afterwards, lovers are divided into thousands of kilometers and flight hours.
Happy and successful long-distance relationship? It is possible, although it can be very difficult. Some couples start this way already, for others the separation stage is something new, a break from their long-standing routine. Both cases may have a positive ending in the form of a strengthened relationship. What’s more, distance can be what keeps the relationship in check.
The good points of a relationship at a distance
Long distance love is not only longing and lonely evenings. To the surprise of many of us, there are couples (often married with many years of experience) who function much better in separation than in a typical stationary relationship. The time spent away from the partner is with people with such relationships the time to realize their own needs and make a career without remorse. It is often a compromise between a reluctance to live alone and a strongly emancipated self. For such a relationship to work, two people with the same needs must meet, trust each other and understand each other’s choices.
Separation like an aphrodisiac
Temporary breakups can have a cheering effect. They unleash longing and, at the same time, excitement about waiting for a reunion. Time spent with a loved one becomes more valuable, so the couple is keen to spend it as well as possible. So there is a stage of planning and then preparing for the meeting, often preceded by the countdown of days. In this way, even long-term relationships can enjoy the climate of first dates again.
Time and space trial
Contrary to appearances, it is not only the space between partners that decides whether love will survive at a distance. Time also plays an important role. In other words, the key is how long the separation should last and whether it is temporary. Knowing that one day everything will return to normal helps you to persevere. But even if we don’t know when it will happen, it’s worth fighting for our relationship. There are many ways to maintain and strengthen bonds from a distance. The basis is regular and frequent contact, e.g. through daily video conversations, text messages, “common activities”. Partners can agree to do exactly the same thing at the same time and then talk about it. Reading the same book or watching a movie is great. In a situation of permanent separation it is also worth to take care of common holidays and weekend excursions.
Kilometres of trust
When we are far away from each other, we are almost constantly troubled by what our other half is doing and who they are doing with at the moment. Daily contact and telling us about the past day and plans for the next one, helps to demystify the imagination of each side. In this way we also strengthen mutual trust, which is the foundation of every relationship. In a long-distance relationship it is especially important, because we test it almost every day.

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