Teleangiectasias are permanently dilated capillaries, which are visible on the skin in the form of red threads that can also form larger networks. Now you can get rid of them even in one day – just a visit to the aesthetic medicine office!
Dilated blood vessels may appear both on the face, mainly around the cheeks, nose and chin, as well as on the body, for example on the calves and thighs. The formation of spider veins is favored by sudden changes in temperature, exposure to adverse weather conditions such as wind, frost or sun, drinking hot drinks, alcohol and eating spicy foods.
Cosmetics do not always give the expected results
Although you can find a full range of cosmetics for capillary skin in shops, they are not able to completely erase the dilated blood vessels. This is only possible with the use of a special aesthetic medicine treatment. Aesthetic medicine clinics throughout the country offer professional blood vessel closure. In Lublin we will perform such a procedure here – closing the vasculature/. The treatment involves the use of a special device that allows you to remove the blood vessels during one or more visits. – fast and effective removal of blood vessels
One of the most effective and safest methods of closing blood vessels is. It is a thermocoagulation based treatment that uses high-frequency RF energy. It gives immediate results of treatment, is practically painless and immediately afterwards you can return to normal activity. Additionally, can be used on all skin types, including sensitive areas.
Compared to laser and IPL treatments does not cause any risk of scars and burns, probability of recurrence, and the effects satisfactory results can be achieved with just one treatment, and in the case of large changes usually only two or three sessions are sufficient. For the procedure, which is closing the capillaries in technology, both in Lublin and other cities, we will pay from about 200 to 700 USD for one session.

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