Recommendations become the basis for consumer decisions and business. Customers willingly use the products and services of companies recommended by their friends. On the other hand, business owners value customers recommended by other entrepreneurs. This is the basis for increasingly popular systems of business recommendations, which build the prestige of the company on the market and increase the security of transactions.
– Recommendations are basically the basis for the activity of most entrepreneurs and also of us as recipients – no, the assistant director at BNI region’s company.- When looking for a dentist or a car repair shop, we usually prefer to ask our colleague for a recommendation rather than look for it on the Internet. 98% of entrepreneurs claim that a client who receives such a recommendation is the most valuable: he trusts us, is less whiny, so a completely different relationship is built with him.
According to Nielsen’s “Global Trust in Advertising and Brand Messages” report, confidence in traditional forms of advertising has been declining for several years, remaining at the level of 26%. The development of the Internet and social media, on the other hand, makes the role of opinions and recommendations from other people growing and becoming an important argument in the process of making consumer choices. Nearly 90% of respondents trust them.
The system of recommendations offered by BNI, points out, does not apply to individual consumer products and services. It includes business recommendations concerning customers. Its users may be entrepreneurs representing particular industries. According to Synergian’s research, 40% of SME owners consider this type of recommendation the best way to obtain further orders. As much as 98% value the customer most by recommendation. However, only 3% take them into account in their business strategies.
– BNI is a structured way to increase the number of customers by recommendation – emphasis. – Through my group I am looking for contacts to target customers, working in this area with my colleagues. The essence of BNI is not that we buy services from each other. Only one member from a strictly defined industry can belong to a group. The essence is not to buy services from each other, but to build such a strong trust capital that I can recommend the best customer to my colleague and vice versa.
BNI has been operating in the USA since 2006. It currently associates over 1.5 thousand entrepreneurs and organizes meetings in the largest cities. In 2015, the system participants gave each other over 43.5 thousand recommendations, which resulted in the implementation of projects worth over USD 80 million.
The BNI business group has existed for 31 years and is the largest and one of the oldest business recommendation organizations in the world. Over 200 thousand members are active in 69 countries. The essence of the group is to provide professional recommendations, share knowledge and experience in business and expand the network of contacts with potential business partners, investors and subcontractors. However, the system not only allows to acquire new customers. It also increases the credibility and visibility of the participating company on the market and increases the level of transaction security.

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