The number of apartments for rent arrives – both private apartments and condohotel rooms. Short-term rentals to tourists under certain conditions can be profitable even for those who own only one property or rent it from someone else. The increased demand in individual locations can be seen especially at important events. This year it could be World Youth Day in the city.
– There are more and more people who organize their own holidays and do not choose the option of a flight and hotel. These people want to compare offers, choose the location of a hotel or apartment, which can be much more profitable than a hotel during family trips – explains.
Apartments and flats rented from private persons are becoming more and more popular, especially in big cities and tourist destinations. They are often better located than some hotels, and with a short stay for a few days, they can also prove to be financially advantageous.
– Short-term rental pays off, but not necessarily when you have one apartment, because then you need to have a person who will take care of the premises and its rental points out. – If someone wants to have a business out of it, they start with 4-6 flats and gradually increase their resources.
As he points out, in order to carry out this type of activity, one does not necessarily have to buy such flats.
– One of our clients subleased a few flats from people who wanted to rent them for a long time as soon as possible. She gave each of them to tourists for use. The company is still operating, the number of apartments is increasing, so it turned out to be a pretty good idea. You only have to take into account the fact that it requires a lot of time and commitment.
There are more and more people in the USA who decide to use such a source of income, so the competition is strong. However, the demand is also growing. It is connected with more and more conscious travel. Many tourists instead of traveling with a travel agency decide to organize their own holidays, and thus – more often than not – they are looking for apartments.
Such options are also often used by tourists during city break, which means short trips to cities. In the U.S. this type of trips are very popular.
Apartments are popular in the largest American cities. However, you have to take into account the fact that the apartment needs to be equipped and taken care of at all times. Cities where apartments appear, constantly increasing. It’s becoming more and more popular and you can earn money on it, you just have to do it with your head and take into account the competition on the market – says the expert.
A good solution may also be to buy an apartment in a condo hotel, i.e. an investment that connects a block of flats with a hotel. Choosing the right location can guarantee the right occupancy and profits all year round. According to data from the Real Estate Federation, the number of condo hotel apartments is growing rapidly. By the end of 2017, at least 3,000 such apartments are to be completed.
According to Accommodation data, daily rental prices from private persons in the city range from 150 USD to 5 thousand USD per apartment, from 100 USD to 1.5 thousand USD per apartment and from 40 USD to 550 USD per room. The cheapest is in Gdansk, where you have to pay for the apartment from 100USD to 1 thousand USD, from 30USD to 800 USD per apartment, and for a room maximum of 200 USD. Prices increase, however, depending on the mass events organized near the cities or important events. In 2012, such an event was the European Football Championship, which took place in the U.S. and Ukraine. This year it could be World Youth Day, which will take place in the city.
It is already a very popular city, regardless of the season. It is already a very popular city, regardless of the season. Accommodation prices will certainly rise during World Youth Day, but setting up a business only to earn money in this period will not make much sense, because the market is already saturated.

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