Well-connected company headquarters and modern, well-arranged office are the advantage in the race for qualified employees. This applies especially to the BPO and SSC business services sector, which generates increased demand for office space and records a dynamic increase in employment.
– Employers have noticed that the salary or prestige of a company is not enough to attract employees. It is necessary to take care of the physical space. This means, first of all, an office in a good location, so that employees can travel by public transport an information agency. – the company must be modern, with good air, properly exposed and have what we call work life integration. This means that people treat the workplace as an extension of their private lives, they do not come to it out of coercion.
For the young generation of employees, apart from other factors such as flexible working hours, remuneration and development prospects, the environment in which they work is equally important. From last year’s report “BPO and Shared Service Centres: Company Managers Speak Out on Office Real Estate” shows that a modern and well-adapted office can be a competitive advantage of a company in the fight for highly qualified employees.
Among the most important factors influencing work comfort, managers and employees indicated bicycle racks, a restaurant and showers with changing rooms. 87% of people working in offices appreciate the possibility of opening the window and letting in fresh air. The most common inconveniences are inefficient air conditioning and limited access to daylight. According to the survey, the vast majority of companies from the BPO and SSC sectors prefer the arrangement of open space office space with separate meeting rooms.
– More and more people are working in open space spaces, also without an assigned workspace, with the possibility to choose a place depending on the tasks performed. This naturally forces us to change the structure of our work, because we no longer sit locked in small rooms, but work as a team. This applies especially to the outsourcing industry.
The vast majority of managers representing the BPO/SSC sector believe that a properly arranged and modern office, which improves work efficiency, may be a company’s advantage in the process of recruitment and acquisition of highly qualified specialists.
– There are not enough qualified employees to meet the expectations of the market. That is why we need to take better care of them, we need to fight for them. Some people even use the term “war for talent”, which means war for talent. I wouldn’t go that far, but employers have started to notice that how and where we work is increasingly important. Hence the need for proper design and finishing of the office,.
This applies especially to the business services sector, which still generates increased demand for office space and at the same time has a dynamic increase in employment. According to this year’s data from the ABSL (Association of Business Service Leaders), by 2020 there will be 300 thousand employees in the BPO/SSC services sector.
– A new trend in both the global and local dimension is that companies and organizations focus on the most important branch of activity, the so-called core business. Therefore, on the one hand, they are looking for the possibility of order, i.e. the separation of tasks and activities that are not related to this basic activity. On the other hand, they try to gather all their experts in one place, the so-called centers of excellence, so that they can inspire each other and develop in their competence areas.

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