Nearly 34 thousand meetings and events and nearly 7 million participants – this is how the meetings market in the USA can be shown in numbers. It is a sector which is developing dynamically and still has a great potential. According to the Convention Bureau, its contribution to the economy is USD 1.5 billion thanks to the sale of hotel and catering services and over 30 thousand jobs.
– The meetings industry is doing well. What we can do to develop it is to promote our country. I believe that US tourism and incoming tourism, including business tourism, has a great chance to develop more and more.
The report “Meetings and events industry in the USA” for 2015 says about 33 980 meetings and events and 6 960 303 participants, while a year earlier there were 18 820 and 3 900 000 respectively. The leader in the ranking of cities is (more than 13.3 thousand meetings, or about 40%), followed by (5.2 thousand), (3.2 thousand) and (3 thousand).
The largest group of meetings are conferences and congresses (44%). Another category were corporate events, motivational events and fairs. The vast majority of meetings took place in hotels (71%). The second place was taken by facilities and rooms rented for special events (15%), and the third place by exhibition and congress centres (10%), 4% by universities.
Experts emphasize that this segment of tourism will develop along with the development of infrastructure. More and more modern conference centres, exhibition facilities and hotels with a conference function are being built. Also the communication infrastructure is already well developed, and there are many organizations and companies on the market that specialize in servicing a large number of business meetings of various scales.
– There are also more and more connections from different countries. This, combined with a good infrastructure, will certainly make us competitive with others.
Until now, the vast majority of business meetings participants (84%). Therefore, the Ministry of Sport and Tourism has a lot to do.
– I think that the development of inbound tourism is a very important, key task at least for this year, and also for the future. The point is should choose American destinations. At various international conferences, fairs and other types of events we will invite foreign tourists and businessmen to the U.S. – informs the company.
The Ministry of Sport and Tourism is also working on projects aimed at supporting inbound tourism: “USA at half price” and “Rest in the country”.
The meetings industry is of great importance for the hotel industry, and partly also for the catering industry. The economy benefits from the sale of accommodation, catering, conferences, exhibitions, trade fairs, as well as from the sale of accommodation and catering services. The authors of the report “The meetings and events industry in the USA” estimate that the contribution of the meetings and events industry to the national economy is 1,577.3 million USD and 30,312 jobs in the country.

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