The LED lamps market is developing dynamically. The lighting is digitalized and energy efficient lamps are chosen instead of ordinary bulbs. This year, LED technology can account for 50% of the global lighting market, and in 2020 – almost 70%. The advantage of this technology is the ability to create individual lighting solutions and control light using mobile devices.
– The market of LED lamps in the USA is an innovative market. It is the fastest growing segment of the lighting market. It is related to the transformation of the entire lighting industry, which we have already observed in many other industries. We can call it the digitization of lighting, Chairman of the Development Committee of the Pol-Lighting Lighting Equipment Manufacturers Association.
Analogue lights are slowly becoming a thing of the past. According to the estimates of the Group, this year the share of LED in the global general lighting segment will reach 45%, Philips Lighting estimates that it will be even half of the market. By 2020 the share may increase to 70 percent. According to McKinsey & Company forecasts, the value of the general lighting segment in LED technology in 2020 will amount to EUR 57 billion.
The lighting installations used in Europe are largely obsolete, which will encourage the replacement of lighting with energy-efficient ones.
– LED lamp, or light-emitting diode, is a completely different way of generating light, based on semiconductors and carrying all the attributes associated with digitization. This type of light source is very easy to control.
As he emphasizes, the market transformation takes place very quickly, especially due to the advantage of LED lighting – energy efficiency and the ability to control light. What is more, LED lighting is not only a source of light, but also an element of interior design due to its luminaire. Higher income of the society also means a greater demand for lighting products with high aesthetic values and at the same time energy-efficient. Thus, the market for LED lamps will grow in strength.
– We can not only dim or brighten the light, but also change colors, tone or sequences of lighting. You can also turn on and off individual schemes that you program earlier. Everything is done in a very intuitive way.
The advantage over analogue lighting is that you can create individual lighting solutions and control the light with your smartphone. Some of the lighting systems available on the market can be uploaded to mobile devices with applications and thus control the light, even from a distance. The type of light, colours and intensity can be programmed independently.
– We don’t have to do anything else, LED sources will be able to communicate with us in an interactive way, i.e. to do what we want.

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