The Internet of Things Into Smart Houses
The market for so-called smart homes in the USA has a huge growth potential. The solutions that appear on the market improve the activities related to checking the situation in the apartment regardless of where we are at present. Meanwhile, another impulse to increase their popularity is to enable home appliances to communicate with other equipment or even make autonomous decisions to manage the area for which they are responsible at home. This will benefit companies whose technologies will simultaneously offer the customers cyber security of intelligent products.
– The very concept of intelligent homes or buildings is not new and has existed for more than 40 years. Today, the trend is towards smart things and even smart environments. We start from the concept of intelligent home as a compact, closed space, where there is some kind of installation controlling, for example, roller shutters or lighting, to a dynamic concept, in which objects located in the home, company, restaurant or in a public place, have the ability to communicate or make decisions, President of the Board of company, which provides solutions for the Internet of Things.
Currently, there are around 80 companies in the U.S. that provide intelligent building solutions. The domestic market of smart home solutions is estimated to be at least USD 100 million.
– We have focused on the technological advantage. We use our own unique communication technology, which allows objects to communicate with a smartphone (i.e. with a user) directly. – At the same time, our technology makes it possible to connect objects such as an ordinary light bulb, roller shutters, garage door or entrance gate directly to the Internet without using intermediary devices such as a central unit, hub or gateway. This is possible thanks to the use of microWiFi technology, which was developed by our team at the stage of research and development.
According to research, among the most commonly used smart home solutions, Poles indicate: the ability to manage lighting (87%), air conditioning, heating and alarm (83% each), entrance gate (about 81%) and home monitoring camera (80%) using a smartphone. Other possibilities of a smart home were: having a TV set integrated with the Internet (66%), a smart fridge ordering missing products (42%) or a washing machine controlled by a smartphone (55%).
– The second thing that distinguishes us is that in addition to providing products for installers and homeowners, we also provide the same technology to manufacturers of classic appliances. We help them to transform the products they already have in their offer, such as roller blinds, heating, lighting, into smart products – adds. – Together with the door manufacturer, we can create a door that can be opened with a smartphone or a smartphone. Not only when we are close by, but also from anywhere in the world. With a smartphone we can also check whether the door is open or closed when we are away from home.
Currently, most of the intelligent products available on the market are based on well-known solutions such as Bluetooth or WiFi, but also associated rather by ZigBee specialists, which is one of the standards for the specification of data transmission protocols in intelligent buildings. On the other hand, uses microWiFi technology in its solutions.
– The revolutionary character of our solutions is influenced especially by the use of our own communication technology. It is a technology that allows you to connect objects both to the Internet and to control them from a direct range via smartphones or tablets. – Our solution has combined the above technologies. It was presented by our scientific team at the International Exhibition of Inventions and Innovation in Chengdu, China in 2015 and was awarded as one of the most groundbreaking technologies of the Internet of Things.
The expert emphasizes that the company’s technology enables objects to communicate both with each other and with infrastructure networks, so that they can be connected to the Internet without any other devices.
– Importantly, the technology is immune to interference and attacks from attempts to take control of devices. It takes less than a minute to open any roller blind that is available on the market with a simple computer and a few electronic gadgets. In the case of our devices this type of attack would take about 29 years,” says the head of. – In addition to microWiFi, we are most proud of the wBox series, which can be controlled from anywhere in the world without intermediary devices. Interestingly, during one and a half years of our existence, we have managed to convince a few of the largest manufacturers to cooperate with us.

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