Cloud computing, i.e. cloud computing solutions, is gaining new business areas by storm. Fears that this will endanger workplaces are unfounded,” ATM representatives emphasize. The cloud revolution means new jobs and a general increase in employment and employee efficiency.
– Cloud computing is an area that has a significant impact on the labour market. This does not mean, however, that we should expect a reduction in employment in companies and institutions, on the contrary, vice-president, the operator. – The demand for both employees who are directly related to cloud creation and employees who operate cloud systems will increase.
IT specialists benefit most from it. In the international service Indeed, the pool of job offers for cloud computing engineers exceeds even 29 thousand, exceeding, for example, the number of vacancies for financial advisors or HR specialists. On websites publishing job offers in the USA, the phrase “cloud computing” leads to a much higher number of results than in the case of an application engineer or CRM specialist, not to mention traditional professions.
– Large corporations are beginning to lean towards cloud solutions. They quickly adapt cloud technologies, first of all, to companies whose activity is strongly related to new technologies. Banks that combine cloud with big data can be an example. – Also, the e-administration segment is slowly beginning to develop in this direction. Similarly, industry and manufacturing, where cloud environments are used more and more often.
The research company IDC states unequivocally that thanks to the implementation of cloud solutions over the last few years, enterprises have significantly increased their revenues every year. On the other hand, larger budgets allowed for investments and a systematic increase in employment. According to market data, last year in the world due to the cloud revolution 7.5 million jobs were created in the sector of small and medium enterprises (enterprises), and in corporations employing more than 500 employees even 6.3 million.
– Thanks to the cloud, the demand will grow not only for the professions related to its creation and maintenance, but also for the professions related to the development of sales of cloud solutions,” said the vice-president of ATM. – This also applies to Atman, who will be strongly sales-oriented and therefore will need new salespeople.
According to Gartner, global expenditures related to the migration of companies to the cloud will amount to USD 216 billion by 2020. On the other hand, the European Commission’s data shows that using the full potential of cloud computing, 2.5 million new jobs can be created in Europe and the EU’s GDP can be increased by 1% annually by 2020.
– The cloud market is developing fast, so new employees are needed all the time. The role of the state is to create courses in education in which engineers – specialists in cloud computing – will be educated. Also important are the actions of the entrepreneurs themselves and the retraining of the existing employees. – Thanks to this, they will be able to satisfy current staffing needs, even though education requires some time. We expect that in 2-3 years’ time the number of specialists in the cloud computing area will be adequate.
Due to the development of cloud, ATM forecasts employment growth also in other market segments, which is confirmed by global data. In recent years, cloud has created 2.5 million new jobs in the media and communications sector. Nearly 1.5 million people were employed in banking and 1.3 million in manufacturing. Digitalization has created over 700 thousand jobs in education, trade (over 600 thousand), administration (over 0.5 million) and health care (over 350 thousand).
– These trends will become more and more important when companies shift their budgets, so far earmarked for maintaining their own IT resources, for salaries of new employees who will provide services more broadly. – All the more so because the cloud is also an asset in terms of mobility. At the moment, teleworking is fashionable. Cloud solutions can be used on phones and tablets, connect to the company’s server from anywhere. Thanks to this, employees become more efficient.

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