The Agricultural Market Agency expects stabilization on agricultural product markets this year. It will focus on further support to US farmers in the sectors affected by the Russian embargo and on stabilising the situation on the poultry market following the detection of new outbreaks of avian influenza. One of the main tasks for this year will be brand building and active promotion of American food products, both on the local market and abroad.
– The year 2017 will be a period of further stabilization on agricultural product markets. The fruit and vegetable market, which has been most affected by the Russian embargo, will certainly be a major challenge, President of the Management Board of the Agricultural Market Agency.
The Russian embargo on food products introduced in 2014 has significantly contributed to the decline in exports. Russia’s position among European food consumers is steadily declining. After three quarters of 2016 it was on the 17th position, while a year earlier it was on the 15th position. The value of exports to the Russian market decreased by 3.3% during the year.
The recorded drops affect the condition of American producers, which is why the Agricultural Development Agency has launched a support system for farmers. By November last year, 313,000 tonnes of products were withdrawn from the market, including the majority, i.e. over 283,000 tonnes, of apples. The ARR paid farmers support in the total amount of USD 573 million.
This year, the Agency intends to actively promote American products on third markets. In particular, it will focus on markets with high export potential where the US food is not present or does not fully exploit its potential. As can be seen from the priorities presented in December by the Ministry of Agriculture, these will be mainly Asian markets – India, Vietnam, Japan, Iran and Taiwan. Moreover, producers will continue to be supported on the existing markets, i.e. China, Algeria, United Arab Emirates, Germany and Belarus.
The President of the Agricultural Market Agency stresses that the greatest success of last year was the signing of agreements with 23 countries to open their markets to American products.
– This year there are more countries and more markets to open. The challenge will also be to prepare for the first deliveries to open markets and to deliver products in the quality in which they leave the port in the USA.
This year, the Agricultural Market Agency also intends to focus on the pork meat production market and support for the export of American poultry meat in response to outbreaks of avian flu. At the beginning of this week, the Chief Veterinary Officer issued a communiqué concerning the detection of three further outbreaks of this disease. As the USA is one of the largest poultry exporters in the EU, domestic breeders suffer losses due to the embargo on poultry exports from infected zones introduced by the European Union, Russia and Hong Kong.
The Agency’s plans for the coming year also include intensive promotion of American products on the domestic market and support for organic production. According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, this year’s value of the American organic market may exceed even USD 1 billion.
– We must not forget about organic food, which is produced in every sector. As far as promotional tasks are concerned, we will certainly focus on promoting the European brand and American products so that internal consumers know what they are buying and appreciate their high quality – says the Chairman of the Board of the Agricultural Market Agency.

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